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Product Marketing Manager

    • Product requirements capture according to market demands.
    • Description of requirements to the product, core audience and its demands, product positioning.
    • Promotion plan development and implementation.
    • Development of the product promotion strategy and tactics, communication channels selection, media planning.
    • Pricing and sales promotion.
    • Shaping unique selling proposition. Development of the sales promotion programs.
    • Specifications development regarding all required types of products and types of access (presentations, demo versions etc.).
    • Clients retention programs development.
    • Product feedback collection and processing. Tracking competitors and industry development. Tracking development of related industries (important for both product development and clients base growth).
    • higher education;
    • ability to define tasks and requirements concisely;
    • self-management skills and ability to manage priorities;
    • teamwork skills;
    • organizational skills;
    • interest in IT technologies;
    • stress resistance;
    • advanced PC user;
    • analytic and associative thinking;
    • Responsibility.

    Will be a plus:

    • knowledge of Agile development principles;
    • high level of English proficiency.
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